Home Insurance Products

From your house to your holiday home, we can provide insurance cover no matter how diverse. This includes everything from jewellery, antiques, art collections and other investments of passion such as watches, wines, classic cars and memorabilia.

Main home insurance, covers from…
— Buildings
— Contents
— Valuables
— Unspecified Personal Possessions
— Specified Items
— Liabilities
— Legal Expenses
— Home Emergency

Holiday homes
— Buildings
— Contents
— Personal Possessions
— Specified items
— Watches

Specific Watch insurance

High Net worth/Luxury home insurance
— Our High Net Worth insurance product range is designed for people with specialist needs. The exact cover will differ based on your individual needs and requirements. This insurance is not only meant for the Lords, Ladies and the rich and famous; we are talking about contents worth £75,000 as a starting sum insured.
— Protecting your valuables is essential, as people build their collection of Jewellery, arts and antiques over time they often don’t realise that standard insurance won’t provide the full cover they need. Your high value home, arts collections, antiques and state-of-the-art technology requires a specialist insurance to prevent you from loss if the worse happens.